Quality Recruitment

We have recruited quality resources for almost 250+ clients with stabilizing results.

Prompt & A1 IT deliveries

Jemysto has delivered unmatched IT services in assorted domains for 100+ clients across the globe.

Embedded projects

We have integrated hardware with supreme firmware and delivered top-notch embedded designs to clients with utmost efficiency and reliability.

Cloud Services & DevOps

Our DevOps team at Jemysto is skilled in managing cloud data for quick and secure transfer. Laudable efforts have been put on for most of our clients in recent years.

DDUGKY Programs

Jemysto has its DDUGKY center in Chennai, India which is presently a training hub for around 60 resources with indispensable amenities.

About Us

We address to your demands and senergize the business

'You ask and we deliver' is what our organization aims to achieve. Jemysto today is a leading IT consulting and placement firm nationwide. As an organization ourselves, we understand how human resource and clients work parallely to expand the business.

Jemysto started its business by providing manpower to its clients when oraganizations failed to track the right one. Thriving for years, by inducting the right candidate to its customers, we today have a tie-up with around 250+ firms across the nation and are a bread-winner to hook up resources for various MNCs in any needed sector. Eventually, Jemysto also saw itself expanding its territories by providing IT solutions to their customers.

We understand our clients' business requirement and provide them with the best service using state-of-the-art technology and our skilled technical resource. Along with providing IT services we are engaged in embedded projects involving semiconductor UI design, automation engineering etc. and also dispense Cloud services and Devops support. Working for our customers onsite and meeting delivery deadlines has given Jemysto a reputation which has further boosted its business in the western world. We have now worked and have been lauded for our efforts by around 25+ UK and US clients which has further boosted our spirits. Jemysto looks forward to join hands with you to digitalize your business and grow the oraganization's manpower with more zeal.

Our Mission and Value

' You ask and we deliver ' is our company slogan. We aim not just to meet client requirements but also doing it so with a one-of-the-kind approach. We endeavor to achieve customers' trust and build a web of organizations around the globe where credence remains the concrete foundation of our ever-growing business.

A firm is not about its infrastructure but about the resources that make it viable with hours of dedication towards the organization. Thus building resource trust and honing their skills throughout their career with us is where Jemysto's intent sheerly lies.


IT Consulting

At Jemysto we consult companies and support our clients to build their digital platforms with the apropos technologies.

Embedded Design Solutions

Jemysto is seeing itself emerging in the embedded designing sector of the global market.

Cloud Service

We offering a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application or storage services

DevOps Engineering

Data migration and managing deliverables using first-of-thekind technologies we dispense DevOps support and render cloud computing services to our clients.

Web and Mobile Applications

We serve as specialists in merging creative designs with next-gen app development services, Our next-gen app development offering simplifies business complexities for some of the most successful companies

Semiconductor Services

Jemysto offers firmware development as a part of the SoC development as well as independent service for semiconductor clients. Our services span across overall system design, BSP/device driver development, middleware/framework development and OS.


Implementing High Technology Solutions

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